In 1982 we started on a small scale with the production of celeriac, mainly for processing. For planting we used loose plants, what gave besides missing plantspots also a very uneven calibration. The harvest machine was rather rough for the bulbs, with damage and also resulting in loss of quality. The introduction of seedlings in the early 90 ’s increased yield and gave a more equal crop. With a carousel planter, half automatic, we planted 6 rows on 3 m.

Our acreage grew as we got more customers throughout Europe. Around 2005 we introduced robot full automatic planting, less labour and better planting results in our (heavy) clay loam soil. We also invested in cooled storages, and modified a sugarbeet harvester to  harvest on a smooth way to increase the (storage) quality. The last years we mainly invested futher in washing, grading and packing facilities with sufficient capacity. In times of high demand we are able to fill in the serveral daily orders and though  being flexible, as the market asks more and more for that attitude.

As we had more and more demand for year around delivery, we started up also early crop, planted in March with cover curtain for starting harvest all ready around half July. Throughout autumn we deliver directly off  the field, from half Oktober till the end of November we harvest for storage. The last volumes from the old crop remaining till half July, when the new crop arrives from the field.

Supplying quality celeriac was and is always our aim, to grow the crop in a good rotation on rather heavy clay-loam soils in the area of Sluis, close tot he sea side in the very South West part of the Netherlands.

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