It all starts with the soil. The soil in our region is the perfectly suitable heavy clay soil for celeriac (Sluis, the Netherlands). These soils are analysed and selected with great accuracy. We start planting the early celeriac in March and the rest around the end of April and May.

Our celeriac plants, which are raised by a plant breeder, are planted with a full automatic robot transplanter. This transplanter plants 6 rows at one time, which gives us high capacity combined with extreme accuracy. We plant between 70.000 and 90.000 plants per hectare.

After the plants are planted, in most cases, they are irrigated immediately to give them a good start. We try to let them grow gradually and implementing an minimalistic chemical use policy, to obtain as little residue as possible. Every detail counts. For example, our celeriac is continuously monitored by leaf juice extract tests to obtain the correct values up to cell level.


After the cultivation of the product, everything comes to the harvest. We start harvesting the first celeriac on demand in July/August. The main harvest starts in November. We only use specially build or converted machines. By harvesting the product as discreetly as possible, not only a better but also a longer storage quality is guaranteed. This is why we harvest the celeriac, with special converted harvesters, directly into boxes to prevent skin damage in order to keep the storage quality as high as possible.


The processing of the celeriac is done entirely in-house with the greatest care. Straight from the mechanical cold storage, the celeriac is washed in the specially developed washing line. With this washing line we are able to guarantee a soil free product. The celeriac is then dried to the optimal humidity values and packaged according to the wishes of the customers. This is done by our fully automatic sorting/packing line. Our washing and packing line is designed and built specially to prevent damage to the celeriac. We are able to be extremely flexible. We quickly can switch between the moment of demand and the offering.

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