We deliver celeriac for the fresh market in the following selections:

  • 400 – 800 gm
  • 800 – 1200 gm
  • 1200 – 1500 gm

Other selections are possible on request. Also, processing produce for the industry market is possible.

Our selections celeriac can be packed in various ways. Iltom’s standard packing options are:

  • 10 kg (or on demand); in nets
  • 10 kg (or on demand); in crates
  • 1000 kg; loose in big bags
  • Boxes; on request

Why celeriac?

Celeriac is an all-round usable, tasty and nutritious vegetable. It can be perfectly used as a potato substitute. Did you know that celeriac is much more nutritious than potatoes? It is a low carbohydrate vegetable and it contains a high daily amount of required vitamins and minerals. It is rich of the vitamins B, C, but mainly K which is good for the blood and bones. Due to its characteristics, the celeriac also has various medicinal properties. Celeriac has an anti-cancer effect, an antioxidant effect and it prevents heart and vascular diseases.

Cooking with celeriac

Celeriac can be used in many recipes with its unique mild, racy taste. Curious about what’s possible with a celeriac? Check out the versatility of the product via this link.

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